Blended Botanicals is a US business locally owned in Boardman, Ohio that offers many varieties of Kratom Powder. We carry Green, White and Red Kratom as we believe these are the best and only quality strains. We can custom blend our products to your personal liking “Here” or call us at 330-953-2233 if you have more than a 3 product blend.

Our Products

All of our products are third party lab tested from a USA lab. We order in smaller quantities and more frequently from the best Kratom farmers practicing “FIFO” (First In, First Out) so we can offer you the freshest product always.

We believe keeping it simple and easy for you to order is the key. We are counting on our customers to spread the word, so your satisfaction is very important to us!

Additionally, we run our business as cost effective as possible in order to offer you the lowest prices possible. We don’t have a major advertising budget, gimmicks or fancy product names. We only carry the best quality Kratom leaf and will not give a lesser quality product a new name just to sell it. Additionally, our website pictures are not color enhanced. We take the position we will not use enhancement to our products or pictures which can be deceiving to the buyer.

We are growing and adding more products every day. We may make changes to our methods and website as new information and/or products come to our attention. We welcome you to visit our store in Boardman, Ohio or you can order from this website.

Internet Orders

Someone is always available to speak to you Monday – Saturday from 11am-7pm and Sundays from 11am-5pm. Please call if you have any questions or need clarification about an item.

Boardman, Ohio Store: 330-953-2233

Stay Healthy!
The Blended Family